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Veterinary Technician

David grew up on a farm in southern Colombia, where animals were a part of life from day one. The pivotal moment for him, though, came when he encountered a dog with an injured tail. Since there was no veterinary service in David’s hometown at the time, he took the dog to the Red Cross, where he helped the employees there nurse the creature back to full health. Ever since that day, David knew that the veterinary field was his true calling.

After finishing high school in Medellin, David served in the military before heading off to college to study veterinary medicine. He earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in Colombia in 2007, and reconnected with his high-school sweetheart the same year that he graduated. The couple moved to the United States, where David is now thrilled to continue his journey in veterinary medicine.

David joined the Small Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2013. He currently works as a Veterinary Technician while his veterinary credentials are validated in the United States by the American Veterinary Medical Association. His favorite part of every day is talking to pet owners and animal lovers just like himself—the direct connection with clientele is what makes his job worth it.

In his spare time, David enjoys spending quality time with his family. Whether it’s watching a television show or going for a walk, he enjoys every moment.

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Kennel Manager

After two years of service in the United States Army—including a stint in Vietnam—James was introduced to Small Animal Hospital by a neighbor of his. He was hired on the spot, and has been here ever since. In total, James has been giving his heart and soul to the pets and animal owners of the Fort Myers area for nearly 50 years!

Originally from Alabama, James has lived in Florida since the age of seven. He is Small Animal Hospital’s long-time Kennel Manager, and enjoys tending to the needs of the practice’s boarding pets on a daily basis. For him, the pets he cares for—as well as their owners—are more than just acquaintances; James considers them his personal friends. He says that the stories he’s accumulated over the years could quite literally fill a book.

In his time away from work, James is an avid sports fan and particularly enjoys watching football and baseball. He also serves as an Associate Pastor at his church.

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Receptionist, Administrative Support

Judy has had all sorts of pets—everything from horses to hamsters—over the years, and she can’t think of a better way to give back than by working in the veterinary industry. She’s been a member of the Small Animal Hospital family since 1994!

A Fort Myers native, Judy decided to return to work after she and her husband had built their new home in the Buckingham area. Plus, she needed a new veterinarian for her own pets. Small Animal Hospital was the perfect fit! Here at the clinic, she particularly enjoys meeting new clients and their pets, educating pet owners on the best possible care techniques for their four-legged friends, and helping get pets adopted out to their forever homes.

In her free time, Judy enjoys kayaking, oil painting, and spending time with her own pets at home. She shares her life with Keebler, a Yorkie who was born right here at Small Animal Hospital and then given to Judy by a client; Scooter, a Malti-poo who rules the house; and Crystal, a talkative Schnauzer who is as beautiful as she is loving.

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Accounting and Office Manager, Administrative Assistant

Margaret’s background is in accounting, business, and real estate—she never expected to work in a veterinary clinic. However, while accounting is her professional interest, animals are her personal one. Working here at Small Animal Hospital allows Margaret to utilize her skills to better the lives of pets and their owners on a daily basis.

Margaret attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland and has lived in Fort Myers since 1957. In the fall of 1992, her accountant contacted her about helping out in a local veterinary clinic. Margaret started here at Small Animal Hospital shortly afterward on a part-time basis, then transitioned into full-time work in late 1998. She’s been here ever since.

When she has time away from work, Margaret enjoys giving to charity as Treasurer of her fraternal organization and spending time with her own pets at home. She enjoys the company of four dogs—TJ, Tyrone, Buddy, and Zack—and also shares her life with Sylvester, a cat who thinks he is a dog, and an African Grey parrot named Skipper who is the true ruler of the roost.

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Michelle grew up as a self-described country girl in Ohio, where she was surrounded by corn fields, tractors, and plenty of animals. She’s enjoyed the company of pets for as long as she can remember. For Michelle, working in the veterinary industry is a dream come true.

Michelle first moved to Florida in 1992, then lived in Indiana and Kansas before returning to the Sunshine State in 2009. It was in Kansas that she secured her first veterinary job—she began as a receptionist in a local clinic and learned the ropes of the profession from there. Upon moving back to Florida, Michelle continued her animal-care work as a receptionist and pet-sitter. In June of 2015, she applied here at Small Animal Hospital and became a member of the team that fall.

Around the clinic, Michelle is particularly fond of seeing the wide variety of critters that visit the hospital—she never tires of witnessing all of the different pet personalities. She also enjoys working alongside her compassionate coworkers and learning something new every day.

At home, Michelle and her two teenaged sons live with a pair of small dogs: Princess, a Toy Fox terrier, and a Pomeranian/Japanese Chin mix named Roo. When she isn’t tending to pet owners’ needs here at the hospital or spending time with her family, Michelle enjoys being outdoors and dabbling in graphic design.

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Veterinary Technician

Nancy entered the veterinary profession because of her grandfather, who had always seen how caring and compassionate Nancy was around pets. He got Nancy her first job in the animal-care world, and her career took off from there! Now, she’s a Veterinary Technician here at Small Animal Hospital.

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Nancy lived in Holland, Georgia, Colorado, and New Jersey while growing up thanks to her father’s career in the United States Army. After he retired, the family settled in southern Florida. It was during her college career that Nancy first started working at a local pet shop; two years later, she took a job with the veterinarian that worked for the store and remained there for the next four years.

Nancy became a member of the Small Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2004. Dr. DuPre had recently found himself in need of a Veterinary Technician, and Nancy was more than happy to fill the position. Here at the clinic, she’s particularly fond of helping pets to feel better via thorough dental cleanings.

Outside of work, Nancy enjoys reading good books, listening to music, watching television and movies, cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Miami Dolphins, and staying active in her church as a lector and minister. She also loves to spend time with her family and pets—Nancy shares her life with Scamper, a cat who was found as a stray kitten; Caesar, and an elderly feline who likes to think he is a tiger.

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Veterinary Technician, Kennel Technician

George’s own service dog, Ms. Ruth, helped immensely to provide him with new liberties and independence. The true value of our animal companions is not lost on him! For George, working hands-on with animals is not only enjoyable, but therapeutic—he’s proud to ensure the health of others’ pets as a member of Small Animal Hospital’s care team.

George is a native of Houston, Texas and is a United States Marine Corps veteran; he completed a total of seven deployments overseas before retiring in 2011. He joined the Small Animal Hospital team in March of 2017 and has been enjoying his time here ever since. George especially likes meeting the area’s wide variety of pet personalities and making them feel as comfortable as possible here at the clinic.

Away from work, George enjoys spending time with his daughter, his four brothers, and his three sisters.

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Karen had adored animals ever since she was a little girl, but found herself working in the automotive insurance business for many years. One day, she decided to make a change and follow her childhood passion: pet care. Karen hasn’t looked back since—she’s thrilled to now care for pets and their owners here at Small Animal Hospital!

Originally from Massachusetts, Karen first delved into the veterinary world as a receptionist at a clinic in North Carolina. She worked at a number of other hospitals over the next several years before making the move to Florida, and was happy to join the Small Animal Hospital family in the summer of 2017. Karen’s favorite part of every shift is getting to swap fun animal stories with the area’s fellow pet lovers.

Away from work, Karen likes reading, traveling, observing wildlife, and spending time with her family and pets at home. She and her husband have two cats: Bella, the bossier of the pair, and laid-back Beau.

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Veterinary Technician

Maureen is originally from Queens, New York, where she grew up alongside 15 siblings, the family dogs, and even homing pigeons. For her, animal care has been a natural part of life for as long as she can remember! Maureen has now been a veterinary professional for nearly 20 years, and is happy to continue her journey in pet care here at Small Animal Hospital.

Maureen attended Becker College in Massachusetts to study veterinary technology, and would work for the next 13 years in the state as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She even worked hands-on with gorillas at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo! Maureen then moved to Cape Coral, Florida, and became the Practice Manager at a multi-location hospital. Next, she decided to take her talents to the classroom—Maureen signed on as an Instructor of Veterinary Technology at the Heritage Institute in Jacksonville to teach others about the ins-and-outs of the profession.

Maureen joined the Small Animal Hospital family in November of 2016. Around the clinic, she’s especially fond of passing on her knowledge to others—nothing beats helping new pet owners start out on the right foot! Most of all, Maureen likes to meet new pets and animal owners on a regular basis.

When she’s not at work, Maureen is an avid equestrian and now gets to share her love of horses with her granddaughter. At home, she lives with two pets: Prince, a Miniature Pinscher who loves snuggling under his blankets, and a Jack Russell mix named Kitty who is too smart for his own good.

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