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Signs Of Pain In Dogs

September 1, 2022
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month! Being a dog owner is lots of fun, but it also takes work and responsibility. A big part of that is keeping Fido comfortable, happy, and healthy. That means being able to recognize the signs that something is wrong with your pooch. A Fort Myers, FL vet lists some things to look for below.


Dogs that are in pain often stand or sit in a stiff, hunched position. Fido may arch his back, hold his head down, or even press himself into a wall or corner.

Unusual Behavior

Being in pain doesn’t exactly improve anyone’s mood. Fido may withdraw, or he may act uncharacteristically sullen and moody. Your canine pal may shy away or even snap at you if you touch a sensitive area. He may also act restless.


Pay attention to anything that seems out of the ordinary for your canine buddy. Fido may whine, whimper, or howl if he isn’t feeling well. He may also growl if touched.

Poor Appetite

It’s almost always a red flag when Fido isn’t interested in dinner. And while an occasional upset tummy isn’t unusual, ongoing or extreme vomiting and/or diarrhea can be indicative of a problem. Changes in the way your furry buddy eats can also be signs of something going on.


It’s normal for Fido to pant a bit if he’s hot, or after he’s chased the neighbor’s cat out of the yard at full speed for the umpteenth time that day. However, ongoing panting, especially in cooler weather, is not normal.

Mobility Issues

Pain can have a huge effect on how your pup just goes about his day. Fido may have trouble going up and down stairs, or he may have difficulty getting up or down. Limping is another indication of trouble.


Twitching, trembling, stumbling, and shaking are also red flags. Fido may stand in an awkward position, or become reluctant to walk, run, or play.


Dogs often lick or nibble at spots that are hurting them. Fido may worry at his paws, legs, side, or the base of his tail. If you notice any of these signs, or any other unusual or uncharacteristic behavior, contact your vet immediately. The sooner an issue is treated, the better! As your Fort Myers, FL animal clinic, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us anytime!
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