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Choosing A Parakeet Cage

April 15, 2023

Are you considering adopting a parakeet? These colorful little birds make very fun pets! They’re actually one of the most popular types of pet birds. Of course, Polly will spend a lot of time in her cage, so it’s important to choose a great one. A Fort Myers, FL vet offers some advice on that below.


Bigger is definitely better when it comes to birdcages. This actually should be the number one consideration. Polly is very active, and needs room to fly and play! The smallest cage that would be appropriate for one parakeet would be 18″ x 18″ x 18”. For two, you’d need a cage that is at least 30″ x 18″ x 18″. However, we recommend getting the biggest one you can. It may help to pick the location first, measure the space, and then get the largest cage that will reasonably fit into that spot.


Different birds have different needs as far as space and layout. Parrots, for instance, love to climb. Parakeets, however, usually need cages that offer more horizontal space, as they tend to go from side to side more than up and down.


You may find a beautiful antique cage you love, but don’t choose anything that isn’t easy to access. It’s generally best to opt for cages with extra features, such as easy-access doors. Your future self will thank you!


Some cages do come with stands. However, you can also put Polly’s cage on a sturdy piece of furniture. If you have a cat, choose a piece that Fluffy can’t easily hop onto. Your winged friend won’t feel very safe or comfortable with a kitty staring in at her!


There are a few other safety considerations to consider as well. Make sure the bars are spaced under ½” apart. Otherwise, your little buddy could get injured or stuck. You’ll also want to check for any sharp edges or wire pieces that may be sticking out. Material is another issue. Avoid anything that contains lead or zinc. That includes anything that you can’t confirm doesn’t contain lead or zinc. Last but not least, use extreme caution if buying a used cage. If its prior resident was sick, there’s a chance that your winged pal could catch the same illness.

As your Fort Myers, FL pet hospital, we are here to help. Contact us anytime! 

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