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Nutrition & Weight Management

Are your animal companion’s nutritional needs truly being met?

Let’s face it: things like pet nutrition and weight control can be confusing. If you need a little support in this area, you’re not alone. More importantly, the Small Animal Hospital team here to help!

A Balanced Diet

What your pet eats can make all the difference in the world. Our experienced crew will determine your pet’s specific nutritional requirements and develop the perfect diet. If you happen to have an exotic pet, we’ll provide guidance for his or her unique dietary needs.

The Right Weight

A few extra pounds for a human may be no big deal but, for a companion animal, it can lead to serious health problems. We’ll determine your pet’s ideal weight range and create a strategy for achieving that goal. 

Ongoing Maintenance

As pets age, their nutritional and weight management needs often change. At various life stages, such as the transition from youth into adulthood, we’ll evaluate our plan and make any necessary adjustments. 

Contact Small Animal Hospital today to get started. We can design a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your animal friend.

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