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How to Respond to Your Dog’s Shedding

April 1, 2016

Most of our canine companions shed. However, sometimes shedding can become excessive. If you suspect this is the case with your pooch, it’s time to act! Here, your Fort Myers, FL vet tells you what to do next.

Veterinary Visit

First things first—make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your dog examined. There is a chance that a medical issue like an infection, parasitic infestation, or skin problem could be the root cause of your dog’s shedding problem. You’ll want to have these issues addressed so that your dog can return to full health as quickly as possible.


Regular brushing can do wonders for a dog who sheds a lot. By running a brush through your dog’s coat, you’re trapping loose or dead fur in the brush itself. This keeps it from eventually winding up all over your carpets and furniture. Most dogs can benefit from daily brushing; ask your veterinarian for more specifics on your particular pooch’s needs.

Improved Diet

Did you know that diet is crucial to the amount your dog sheds? Without the right balances of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, your dog’s skin can become irritated and shedding can increase. Oftentimes, improving a dog’s diet is all it takes to decrease shedding and make your canine companion happier and healthier! Call your veterinarian today to get a recommendation on a high-quality, nutritionally balanced dog food that suits the needs of your pooch.

Hair-Care Products

Some dogs benefit from special hair-care products, like canine shampoos, conditioners, or finishing sprays. These items are available in pet supply shops, as well as some retail outlets and vets’ offices. Always check with your veterinarian before getting such a product for your dog; that way, you know you’re maximizing the beneficial effect for your beloved canine companion!

Space Restrictions

Some dogs simply shed more than others, and there’s not a whole lot pet owners can do about. One option, though, is to consider space restrictions. By keeping your dog contained on one floor of the home, or perhaps only allowing them up on one piece of living-room furniture, you’re lessening the area that needs cleaned. This is an easy way to make sure your home stays fresher—talk to your vet for advice on getting started with training.

Want more advice for combating your dog’s shedding habits? Call your Fort Myers, FL veterinarian today for help.

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