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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

September 1, 2021

Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! If your feline friend is an orange kitty, you may want to give Fluffy a special treat. Kitties come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and we think they’re all adorable. However, ginger cats are in the spotlight today. A vet discusses these miniature lions below.

Boys Club

The vast majority of ginger cats are boys. The gene that produces that ginger color is on the X chromosome. Since girls are always XX, that means female kitties need to have two copies of the gene to become redheads. You may be wondering what Fluffy’s family tree looks like. If your orange kitty is a girl, then both of her parents were gingers. If your feline buddy is a boy, he had at least one redheaded parent, and his kids could be either gingers or tortoiseshell.


Cats are all unique individuals, and they all have their own ‘purrsonalities.’ That said, ginger kitties do seem to have some traits in common. The males tend to be chatty, bold, and active, and perhaps a bit opinionated. Your pet may yell at you for being late with his dinner, or to tell you to pick him up right meow. Girl cats, on the other paw, are usually much more gentle and laid-back. They may also not be *quite* as verbose.

Fluffy’s Fashion Sense

Ginger cats can have either long or short fur. Some of them even have curly coats! There are also several variations in the patterns Fluffy chooses to wear. These different ‘styles’ include classic, or swirled, as they are sometimes called; mackerel, or striped; spotted; patched; and ticked. Another interesting fact about ginger cats? They’re all considered tabbies! However, not all tabbies are gingers.

Famous Gingers

We can’t really discuss ginger cats without talking about the most famous one: Garfield! The beloved ‘Flabby Tabby’ was born in 1978, in the back room of Mama Leoni’s Italian Kitchen. It didn’t take the tiny orange ball of sarcasm very long to realize that lasagna is the best thing ever. The kitten’s rapidly growing appetite for it almost put the restaurant out of business! Fortunately, Jon Arbuckle adopted the Monday-hating furball. The rest is history. Other famous ginger cats include Morris, of 9 Lives fame, Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes, and Bill the Cat from Bloom County.

Do you have questions about your ginger cat? Contact us, your animal clinic in Edison Park, FL, today!

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