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Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

July 15, 2018

Tomorrow, July 16th, is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! These cute little guys—also sometimes called cavies—make very sweet and adorable pets! Here, an Edison Park, FL vet offers tips on how to pamper a cavy.


Guinea pigs are both smart and curious, so they need lots of entertainment and stimulation. Making sure your cute pet has lots of fun playthings—including plenty of chew toys—is very important. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here: you can actually make a lot of your furry pal’s things out of household items. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items are fine. For instance, the tubes from toilet-paper rolls make great chew toys. Ask your vet for more information.


Cavies may be small, but they have huge appetites! Some safe treats for Guinea pigs include small bits of fruit, such as bananas or blueberries. Avoid commercial treats, such as yogurt drops: these are often very high in sugar, which really isn’t good for little furballs. Always research new foods before offering them to your furry pal, to make sure they are safe. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Guinea pigs are very sociable little furballs, and are always happier with a buddy or two to play with and cuddle up to. If you only have one cavy, consider getting your four-legged friend a roommate or two. Just be sure to only house same-sex cavies together.

Bigger Cage

A bigger, better habitat is a great way to pamper your cavy. If you don’t want to give up any more floor space, get something with two stories and an enclosed ramp for access.


Cozies are basically tiny tents or sleeping pouches for small animals. Guinea pigs absolutely love them! You can buy them at pet stores or online, or you can make your own. Look online for design ideas.


Like any other pet, Guinea pigs are happiest when they feel loved and safe. Spend time with your cavy every day. Talk to him, pet him, and play with him. Many Guinea pigs enjoy cuddling with their owners, and sleeping on their laps. You may even be able to teach the little guy some cute tricks, like going in circles and coming when called.

Our Advice on Guinea Pig Appreciation Day шт 2024

What entertains a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are entertained by a variety of toys that cater to their curiosity and need for stimulation. Providing them with chew toys, including safe household items like toilet paper roll tubes, enriches their environment. Wooden, wicker, and cardboard items are excellent for this purpose. Additionally, interactive playtime with their human companions, including gentle petting, talking, and teaching them simple tricks, greatly contributes to their happiness. It’s crucial to ensure all materials are safe and non-toxic, consulting a veterinarian for guidance if needed.

What are healthy treats for Guinea pigs?

Healthy treats for Guinea pigs include small bits of fruit like bananas and blueberries, which cater to their dietary needs without overloading them with sugar. It’s crucial to avoid commercial treats high in sugar, such as yogurt drops, as these can harm their health. Always introduce new foods gradually and in moderation to ensure they are safe for your cavy. For personalized advice on suitable treats, consulting with a veterinarian is recommended to ensure the treats are beneficial for your Guinea pig’s specific health requirements.

What are the fundamental requirements for Guinea pig care?

Fundamental requirements for Guinea pig care include providing a spacious and safe habitat, ideally with areas for exercise and hiding. A balanced diet is crucial, consisting of unlimited hay for digestive health, fresh vegetables for nutrients, and a small amount of pellets. Regular access to clean, fresh water is essential. Guinea pigs also need social interaction, either with a same-sex companion or through daily bonding time with their owners. Regular veterinary check-ups ensure their health, alongside maintaining their living space clean and safe from hazards.

What are common health problems to watch out for in Guinea pigs?

Common health problems in Guinea pigs include dental issues due to their continuously growing teeth, which require monitoring and management through proper diet and chew toys. Respiratory infections are also prevalent and can be mitigated by maintaining clean living conditions. Scurvy, resulting from vitamin C deficiency, underscores the need for a diet rich in appropriate fruits and vegetables. Additionally, gastrointestinal stasis and parasitic infestations require vigilant care and regular veterinary check-ups to prevent and treat effectively. Early detection and treatment are key to managing these health issues.

Do different breeds of Guinea pigs have varying needs or temperaments?

Yes, different breeds of Guinea pigs can have varying needs and temperaments. While the basic care requirements, such as diet, housing, and social interaction, remain consistent across breeds, some breeds may have specific needs, especially regarding grooming. For example, long-haired breeds like the Peruvian or Silkie require regular brushing to prevent matting and skin problems. In terms of temperament, while individual personalities vary, some breeds are known to be more sociable or active. It’s important to consider these differences when choosing a Guinea pig to ensure a good match for your lifestyle and capabilities in providing care.

Please contact us, your Edison Park, FL pet clinic, for your Guinea pig’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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