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Hurricane Preparation For Bird Owners

August 16, 2022

Hurricane season is upon us. We all dread seeing one of those ominous blobs popping up on the weather forecast. While we hopefully won’t see major storms this year, it’s best to prepare, just in case. For bird owners, that also includes getting your feathered friend ready. A Fort Myers, FL vet offers some advice on this below.


Like any other animal, Polly needs fresh water. Set aside a few gallons for your winged buddy. Get an extra water bowl, and keep it in your colorful pet’s emergency bag. We also advise adding a spray bottle, so you can spritz your bird down to cool her off if the power and/or AC are out.


Pack a few weeks’ worth of Polly’s food. If you have more than one bird, and they eat different foods, make sure all of your feathered pals are covered. Don’t forget treats!


It’s good to have a travel carrier ready for Polly even when there isn’t a storm coming, as this is also helpful for traveling or going to the vet’s. You can use a small birdcage, sleep cage, or hard-shell cat carrier. Bird backpacks can also work, though they can get hot quickly so you’ll need to be careful if you’re in a spot without AC. Add a soft towel for a cover and a few toys and perches. Just make sure nothing can fall over onto Polly. Put your name and number, as well as your vet’s number, on the cage. (Tip: use an address label with clear tape over it.)


Your exact packing list will depend on the type of bird you have, so ask your vet for tips. That said, we definitely recommend adding a first-aid kit. You can customize a regular one by adding things like cornstarch and styptic powder. Be sure to include any medications Polly may need! Paper towels are great, as you can use them for both cleaning and cage liners. Some other things to pack include cleaning supplies, leg bands, harnesses, microchip/ID numbers, paperwork, cuttlebones (if your vet recommends them), and bird-calming products. Keep these emergency supplies in a storage tote or backpack near Polly’s travel cage. That way you’re ready to go … though hopefully, you won’t need to.

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your Fort Myers, FL animal clinic, today!

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