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Keeping Kitty Cool

April 16, 2021

Did you know that overheating is very dangerous for kitties? Fluffy can’t sweat to cool off if she gets too hot, and panting isn’t very effective for her. Those sweltering Florida summers can be big trouble for our feline pals! Read on as a local Fort Myers, FL vet offers some advice on keeping your cat safe, sound, and purring in the heat.


First and foremost, make sure that your furry buddy always has plenty of cool, fresh water. If you let your furball go outdoors, and/or if you have multiple pets or a large house, set out multiple water stations. You may even want to get Fluffy a kitty fountain. Many cats prefer to drink running water. This may be because in the wild, running water is usually safer and fresher than standing water.


Brushing your furball regularly will also help. Dead fur and dander can make Fluffy’s coat terribly hot and itchy. Plus, regular beauty sessions will help your furry little diva feel like she’s being pampered.

Cold Treats

To be fair, some of our feline patients will probably turn their cute little noses up at these options. However, some cats do like frozen snacks. Pick up some kitty ice cream for Fluffy. You can also try mixing canned cat food and ice in a blender for her.

Ice Pawkey

Does your cat like batting bottlecaps around? Give her an ice cube to play with! This is a fun summer sport for your pet. Plus, it will keep her cool. Those cute little paw pads help Fluffy regulate her temperature.


Sodium-free broth can make a great treat for kitties. It contains electrolytes, which will help your pet stay hydrated. Offer your feline friend a chilled bowl on occasion. You can also freeze some in ice cube trays and give Fluffy those.

Cold Dinner

Another thing you can do is just chill your pet’s dinner in the fridge. Fluffy may prefer having her dinner chilled when it’s really hot out!


Cats are very, very good at getting comfortable. However, your feline buddy will appreciate a cool napping spot. You can point a fan at it or over Fluffy’s bed. Or, offer her a pet hammock.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Fort Myers, FL pet hospital, we are here for you!

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