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New Gadgets For Pets

December 1, 2021

Happy Holidays! For many of us, December means it’s time to start our holiday shopping. And don’t forget to pick up something for your pet! The classic options, like toys and treats, are always a safe bet. However, if you want to get your furry pal something more modern, read on! A vet lists some gadgets for pets in this article.

Camera/Treat Dispenser

Seeing Fido get excited over a new treat is so cute! Now you can enjoy these adorable moments from anywhere, even the office! The Furbo is a camera/treat dispenser that helps keep your pup’s tail wagging when you’re away. These even have barking sensors that alert you if your pooch is speaking up. For people whose dogs vocalize a lot when they’re out, this can be helpful.

Remote Laser Pointer

Does your cat or dog love chasing laser pointers? If so, this may be a great option. Now, you can buy remote controlled laser pointers that use a camera or app. Who doesn’t want to play with their pet during a lunch break?

GPS Trackers

In the last few decades, GPS systems are by far one of the best new technologies created. So many people would literally be lost without them! These little gadgets can also be great for tracking down runaway dogs. Be sure to do some research since there are several brands to choose from. Look for things like range, battery life, subscription requirements, and reviews.

Feeder Bowls

You might not think that feeding Fluffy and Fido has changed very much over the years, but it has. There are several types of specialty bowls you can choose from for your pet. Some are designed to keep pets from eating too quickly, while others may be set at specific angles or heights that help improve your furry pal’s digestion. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Cat Backpacks

Is it hard to keep your cat indoors? Is adventure something the two of you love? You can now carry Fluffy on your back when you’re hiking or biking. And kitty will be able to see out through a little porthole. (Note: not all cats enjoy this. Results may vary.)

Our Advice on New Gadgets For Pets in 2024

How can you interact with your pet remotely?

To interact with your pet remotely, consider gadgets like a camera/treat dispenser or a remote-controlled laser pointer. The camera/treat dispenser, such as Furbo, allows you to watch your pet and dispense treats from anywhere, providing interaction and reward. It may also have a barking sensor to alert you to your dog’s vocalizations. Remote-controlled laser pointers enable you to engage your cat or dog in play by controlling the laser via an app or camera, keeping them active and entertained even when you’re not home.

How does GPS technology help keep pets safe?

GPS technology significantly enhances pet safety by allowing owners to track their pets’ whereabouts in real time. Should a pet wander off or go missing, a GPS tracker attached to their collar can pinpoint their exact location, greatly reducing the time it takes to find them and minimizing the risks they face while lost. When selecting a GPS device, consider factors like range, battery life, and subscription services to ensure comprehensive coverage. For personalized recommendations on GPS trackers, feel free to visit our veterinary clinic in Fort Myers, FL.

How accurate and durable are these gadgets?

The accuracy and durability of pet gadgets, such as GPS trackers and camera treat dispensers, vary based on the brand and model. GPS trackers are generally reliable for pinpointing your pet’s location, with some models offering near real-time tracking. Durability often depends on the device’s design and build quality, with many designed to be water-resistant and robust enough to withstand the activities of active pets. It’s essential to research and read reviews to choose gadgets that are both accurate and durable to meet the demands of your pet’s lifestyle.

Are there any safety concerns to be aware of with these gadgets (e.g., lasers and cats’ eyes, GPS tracker visibility)?

Safety concerns with pet gadgets include potential eye damage from improper use of laser pointers in cats, emphasizing the need for careful play that avoids direct eye exposure. For GPS trackers, ensuring the device is securely attached to the collar is vital to prevent loss or choking hazards. Additionally, consider the weight and size of the GPS tracker for smaller pets to avoid discomfort. Always select gadgets designed with pet safety in mind and consult a professional, like your Fort Myers, FL, veterinary clinic, for advice on suitable options.

Do some gadgets offer features like health monitoring, activity tracking, or even music players designed for pets?

Yes, many modern pet gadgets come equipped with advanced features beyond basic functionality. Health monitoring tools can track a pet’s vital signs, sleep patterns, and calorie consumption. Activity trackers help owners monitor their pet’s physical activity levels, ensuring they get enough exercise for their age and breed. Some gadgets even include music players with tunes optimized for pet relaxation or stimulation. These innovative features support a comprehensive approach to pet care, promoting physical health, mental stimulation, and emotional well-being. Always choose gadgets that suit your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your local animal clinic in Fort Myers, FL!

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