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Keeping Your Pet Healthy Through Preventative Care

June 1, 2018

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage couldn’t be more true than when it comes to your pet! Preventative medicine is key to keeping your animal friend healthy for years on end—learn about the basics of preventative measures from an Edison Park, FL vet.

Pest Control

Don’t let fleas, ticks, mosquitos, or worms ruin your pet’s day. It’s far easier to prevent infestations and infections ahead of time, rather than eradicate them. Keep your pet on seasonal or year-round preventative medicines to ward away these pests; that way, your pet won’t be at risk. Talk to your vet today if your pet needs these medications.


Diseases like parvovirus, distemper, feline leukemia, hepatitis, Lyme disease, and rabies pose a significant threat to your animal companion. These issues will be costly, time-consuming, and worrisome to correct, so avoid them in the first place—have your pet vaccinated to keep them safe! Most pets can receive initial vaccinations as early as eight weeks of age; if your pet hasn’t already had vaccines administered, call your vet’s office.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering is important for preventing unplanned litters, but it’s also a great preventative healthcare measure. That’s because it eliminates the chance of many cancers, including genital, prostate, and breast cancers, and even makes common ailments like urinary tract infections far less likely to occur. If your pet hasn’t had the surgery performed, it’s time to act—give your vet’s office a call today.

Quality Diet and Exercise

At home, one of the easiest preventative health measures you can take is to feed your pet a high-quality diet. This way, they’ll receive all the nutrients they need for a healthy, fit lifestyle. Coupled with regular exercise to keep your pet at a healthy weight and maintain lean muscle, your pet will enjoy many happy, healthy years to come! Consult your vet for a recommendation on a great food choice.

Veterinary Visits

Don’t forget about regular check-ups at the veterinarian’s office. When your pet is examined regularly, your vet can monitor your companion’s health and take notice when something isn’t right. This way, Fido or Fluffy can receive prompt treatment and have any health concerns addressed before they’re allowed to get any worse.

Is your animal companion in need of vaccinations, pest-control medications, or a professional examination? Call your Edison Park, FL vet clinic


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