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Animal Shelter Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

February 15, 2016

Likely thanks to the nature of the work they do, animal shelters are often misunderstood. So are the pets inside of them! Here, your Fort Myers, FL veterinarian clears up the confusion regarding a few prevalent shelter misconceptions.

Shelters Are Dirty

Many people make the mistake of thinking that shelters, as well as the pets housed in them, are dirty. This isn’t true—shelters must maintain a standard of sanitation and cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Shelter pets themselves aren’t dirty, either; even if they arrive at the facility grimy, they’re bathed, clipped, vaccinated in some cases, and given nail trims.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Think that all shelter pets are old, unwanted animals abandoned by their owners? Think again. The truth is, pets of every age can be found in a shelter, from puppies and kittens to senior pets and everything in between. No matter what age of pet you’re considering, try looking at your local shelter.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some believe that pets wouldn’t wind up in a shelter in the first place if they were well-behaved. This is a fundamental misconception, because poor behavior and subsequent relinquishment to a shelter is one of the least common reasons that pets wind up at a rescue facility. The vast majority of shelter pets are perfectly well-behaved and are just looking for a loving family to bring them in.

Shelters Only Have Mutts

Don’t assume that shelters only have mixed-breed dogs and cats—purebred animals are just as likely to be found in a shelter. Do you or your family members have your hearts set on a particular type of pet? Before visiting a pet store or breeder, consider touring your local animal shelter facilities. You just may find your family’s next beloved animal companion!

Shelters Only Have Cats and Dogs

Of course, it’s misleading to suggest that shelters only house dogs and cats. Many shelters have much more and may run reptile, bird, or rodent adoption programs. Some rescue facilities even have exotic pets like hedgehogs, arachnids, or amphibians! If you’re looking for something other than the typical cat or dog, try checking out your local shelter for the most unique pet in town.

Do you have questions about the adoption process? Does your newly-adopted animal companion need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment at your Fort Myers, FL animal hospital today.

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