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Taking Fido to the Park

May 15, 2021

Here in Florida, dogs get the option of playing outside and going to parks and beaches all year round. Fido definitely benefits from fresh air and sunshine! It’s also good for him to interact and socialize with other pups. However, you will need to take a few precautions when bringing your canine buddy on a doggy play date. Here, a Fort Myers, FL vet discusses taking your pet to the park.


We recommend that all pets be fixed, microchipped, and current on vaccines and parasite control. Fido should also have ID tags on. These simple precautions will go a long way towards keeping your furry pal healthy and safe. Keep copies of his paperwork with you, just in case. You can store photos of the documents on your phone for easy access.


Dogs really benefit from being able to play and socialize with other pooches. However, not all pups make suitable playmates. If your canine pal sometimes acts aggressive toward people and/or other pups, he’s probably not a great candidate. Also, check out the dogs that are already at the park before letting Fido go. Make sure that there are no aggressive dogs or bullies in the crowd.


Always bring fresh water along for your four-legged friend. Collapsible dishes and doggy water bottles with attached dispensers are both useful and convenient. Keep one in your car, so you always have it with you.


It may be tempting to keep Fido on a leash, especially if you don’t know how he’ll react. Keep in mind that in some cases, leashes can actually contribute to friction. Dogs sometimes get more uneasy if they feel that they have nowhere to go if another pup approaches. Your furry friend could also get entangled with another pooch. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


Always pick up after your canine companion. Many parks offer waste baggies. However, we recommend keeping a few rolls in your car at all times.


Be discreet with toys and treats. If Fido’s pals figure out that you’ve got the goods, you may find yourself surrounded by a pack of impatient pooches. If you bring food for yourself, pick things that won’t give off a strong scent.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Fort Myers, FL veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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