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Bearded Dragon Holiday Care

December 15, 2020

Do you have a bearded dragon? Beardies are becoming quite popular, and with good reason. They’re very cute and lovable, and really do make great pets. However, these adorable lizards do have specific care needs. This can become challenging around the holidays, especially if you are traveling or hosting guests. While this year’s celebrations may be scaled down, there will still be some traditional activities and gatherings. Here, a Fort Myers, FL veterinarian offers some tips on caring for your lizard buddy over the holidays.


Are you planning to travel for the holidays? This can be a tricky one. If you’re taking your pet with you, you’ll need to make sure to bring both primary and secondary heating sources, especially if you’re heading north. You’ll also need to find a pet store and vet in the area you’re going to. If you leave your dragon at home, you’ll have to find someone to stop in and give the little guy food and water. Given that some people are less than thrilled about handling things like live bugs, this may be easier said than done. Our recommendation? Look for a reputable kennel that boards reptiles.


Who says you can’t have fun with your beardie’s cage? You can hang decorations outside the cage, where your little buddy can’t reach them. Just make sure they won’t touch or interfere with lighting and humidity equipment.


Don’t forget to pick up something for your beardie! A special treat is the usual fare for our patients. Your reptilian pal may also appreciate a new hidey-hole, upgraded heating or lighting equipment, or even a new terrarium!


Did you know that you can find little Santa hats and other outfits for lizards in pet stores? Needless to say, these make for some adorable photos! Snap a picture of your tiny dinosaur on a little sleigh, or hanging out in a gift bag. Just don’t leave your pet unattended near his props.


Are you having company over? Put your lizard buddy into his tank before people arrive. If you’re having a lot of folks over, put him in a travel tank in a quiet back room, so the noise and commotion doesn’t disrupt him.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Small Animal Hospital, your Fort Myers, FL veterinary clinic. Please contact us for your lizard’s boarding and veterinary care needs.

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