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Holidays With Polly

December 1, 2020

Does your beloved pet have a beak and feathers? Birds aren’t as popular as dogs and cats, but they really are very cute and charming, not to mention hilarious. Of course, birds are also quite fragile, and they do have some specific needs. As the holiday season ramps up into full swing, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep Polly happy, healthy, and safe. Here, a Fort Myers, FL veterinarian offers a few tips on helping your winged buddy get through the holidays safely.


Those beautiful holiday trees can be quite dangerous for birds! Both real and fake pine needles are quite sharp, and can easily injure your cute pet. Polly could also get entangled in lights or tinsel, or cut herself on sharp ornaments or hooks. If possible, put the tree in a room your bird doesn’t have access to.


Don’t forget to get something for your feathered buddy! Toys are great options. You can buy some, but you can also make your own. There are lots of options for making hanging toys, using things like plastic bottlecaps, shower curtain rings, rice cakes, popsicle sticks, and even poker chips. A new perch is also a great option. If you really want to spoil Polly, get her a new cage!


As you probably know, birds have very sensitive lungs. Powerful fumes and vapors are very toxic to them! Things like scented candles, incense, and potpourri burners are very dangerous to birds. Cooking fumes are also unsafe. Take care not to expose your pet to these hazards.


Treats are a big part of many holiday celebrations. Just be careful with what you give your feathered friend! Some unsafe foods include chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, garlic and onions, fruits with pips, and xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.


Birds can get very stressed out by a lot of commotion. If you’re having more than a handful of people over, put Polly in a quiet back room, and let her sit out the festivities. This goes double if your guests are bringing their canine pals over!


Keep Polly in mind when hanging decorations. Birds can get entangled in anything with strings or threads. They may also try to eat or play with small, sharp, and/or shiny objects.

Happy Holidays from Small Animal Hospital, your Fort Myers, FL veterinary clinic. Call us anytime!

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