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Boarding Your Cat 

January 15, 2023

Are you planning to take vacations or business trips this year? If so, you’ll need to arrange for someone to care for your cat while you’re gone. Bringing your kitty to a kennel is generally going to be your best bet here. A Fort Myers, FL vet offers some tips on boarding Fluffy below.

Don’t Fall For Myths

As you probably know, it’s generally more common for people to board dogs than cats. Part of this may simply be due to misconceptions about boarding Fluffy. For instance, you may have heard that kennels keep Fluffy and Fido near each other, or that kitties are boarded in small kennels. Or, you may have concerns about the possibility of your pet getting sick, or just feeling lonely and stressed.

Visit A Cattery

Finding the right place may very well be half the battle. You’ll want to check reviews and recommendations. When you find a place you’re interested in, ask to take a tour of the kennel, so you can see your feline pal’s home away from home. 

Beware Of Red Flags

We can’t overstate the importance of this one: any decent kennel will require proof that your kitty is current on recommended vaccinations and parasite control products. Any kennel that doesn’t require this paperwork may not be taking their furry guests’ health and safety as seriously as they should.


Our feline buddies are definitely creatures of habit. If you can, pack a few things from home for Fluffy, such as her bed or perhaps a favorite toy. It’s a good idea to pack some extra food and medicine, just in case you’re delayed.

Ask About Perks

Many kennels offer options that you can add on to your booking. These may entail things like playtime, cuddles, or brushing. Small touches can make a big difference to your cute pet! Don’t be afraid to ask about these perks.

Book Early

You definitely don’t want to be left scrambling for a kitty kennel at the last minute. Make your reservations as soon as you have dates for your trip.

Medical Issues

We recommend having Fluffy checked by her vet before you go away. Even if your feline friend seems healthy, there could be a medical issue developing that you don’t know about yet.

Do you have questions about boarding? We can help! Contact us, your Fort Myers, FL animal clinic, today!  

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