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Mew Year’s Day With Kittens

January 1, 2023

Happy Mew Year! Are you starting 2023 out with a kitten? If so, you’re in for some adorable moments … and a lot of pet parenting this year. Read on as a local Fort Myers, FL vet offers some tips on starting the new year out with a tiny ball of fur.


Why not include your adorable furball in your resolutions? Providing little Fluffy with food, shelter, fresh water, veterinary care, and clean litter will see to her essential needs. However, our feline buddies also need love and attention! Make sure your pint-sized pal has comfy beds, plenty of toys, and some kitty luxuries, like scratching posts, catnip, treats, and perhaps a cat tower. 

Fluffy’s Agenda

Your pint-sized pal definitely has a few things on her own schedule. Some of the things your furball may have put on her to-do list? Mastering those tricky pounces, perfecting her roar, getting the hang of all those claws and teeth, and exploring every inch of her new domain. 

Of course, your furry friend will also need to visit us a few times this year. In addition to getting her initial exams, little Fluffy will need to get current on her vaccinations and parasite control. Spay/neuter surgery should also be on the agenda. Make those appointments ASAP!

Kitty Inspiration

Kitties can also be wonderful sources of inspiration when it comes to making our own resolutions.  Our feline buddies can be great reminders of the importance of self care, getting enough sleep, being yourself, embracing growth, and, of course, just having fun. Fluffy is also a big fan of stretching, meditating, eating well, and spending as much time as possible with your loved ones. These are all wonderful goals for 2023!

Ground Laws

Now is the time to instill good habits in your fuzzy buddy. Nip problematic behavior, like biting and improper scratching, in the bud. We also recommend teaching your frisky feline that she is an indoor kitty. 

Purrfect Chance

The holiday season can get pretty hectic. Take some time to relax and unwind today, before you get back to your regular schedule. Offer little Fluffy a new toy or a special treat, and take some time to relax and unwind with her.

All of us here at Small Animal Hospital, your local Fort Myers, FL pet clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Call us anytime!

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