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6 Great Reasons to Celebrate National Dog Day

August 15, 2020

There’s a pretty pawesome holiday around the corner. August 26th is National Dog Day! Of course, we don’t really think you need a special day to celebrate your friendship with your furry best friend. However, we’re definitely happy to oblige! This is a great time to pamper your pet a bit, and score yourself some extra tail wags. A Fort Myers, FL vet lists some reasons to celebrate Fido’s friendship below.


Dogs have many wonderful qualities, but they really do go above and beyond when it comes to loyalty. Fido will stay at your side no matter what happens, offering endless cuddles and unwavering support. That’s truly something to be thankful for!

Tail Wags

Dogs are super cute when they’re feeling happy or playful. It’s almost impossible not to smile when your pooch does his happy dance to greet you. Fido is also charming when he’s excitedly thumping his tail in hopes that you’re about to play with him or take him out.


Our canine companions have a way of getting us to slow down and enjoy life’s smaller gifts. Fido also serves as a great reminder to (literally) stop and smell the roses sometimes.


Fido can certainly put a smile on your face with his adorable doggy antics. Our canine pals are absolutely hilarious when they are being playful or goofy, or, better yet, both. It’s always fun watching a pup happily bounding after a toy, stick, or Frisbee, or splashing in the spray from a fountain.


Did you know that dogs are good for our health? Studies have shown that people that have canine buddies tend to be slimmer than those who don’t. That makes sense: those daily walks add up. Fido also helps us battle stress and anxiety, which in turn reduces our blood pressure and risk of stroke or heart attack. Those are some pretty big benefits!


While our furry friends do somewhat vary on this one, even the friendliest pooch often alerts his humans when something isn’t right. Whether your pooch is a tiny Chihuahua or a massive Great Dane, he’ll do his part to keep you safe, even if only by barking to let you know there’s someone at the door.

Please contact us, your Fort Myers, FL vet clinic, for all your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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