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Cute Tricks You Can Teach a Guinea Pig

August 1, 2020

Do you have a Guinea pig? These little guys, also called cavies, are super adorable! In fact, they can even learn some simple tricks. A Fort Myers, FL vet lists some charming ones below.

Come When Called

This one’s pretty easy! When your furball is out of his cage, make a show of putting some yummy food in his bowl, while calling his name. You can also call him while sitting on the floor and holding a treat out. Your cavy will probably come running.


Have you ever seen a cavy turn in circles on command? It’s even cuter than it sounds! Hold a yummy treat out in front of your Guinea pig, just out of his reach. When your pet tries to get his snack, move your hand so that you’re directing him in a circle. Your tiny pal will probably follow. Say ‘Circle’ or ‘Spin’ or whatever vocal command you want to use, and give the little guy his snack. Then, just keep repeating this. Eventually, your cute pet will associate the vocal command with both turning in circle and getting a treat. Then, you can start saying the command first.

Stand Up

As with the Circle trick, you’ll need a yummy treat. Hold it just over your furball’s head, so he has to stand up to reach it. When he does, say ‘Stand’ and offer him the treat. Just don’t overdo it: it isn’t good for cavies to stand on their back legs for too long.

Jump Through Hoops

This one is a bit more advanced, but it’s also super cute. You’ll need a hoop, of course. You can make one out of pipe cleaners if need be. Hold the hoop on the floor with one hand. Pick up a snack with the other hand. Position it so that your tiny pal has to go through the hoop for his treat. When he does, say ‘Jump!’ Slowly start raising the hoop up.

Go Home

Teaching your cavy to go into his cage when called is both cute and convenient. It’s also quite easy. When your furball is watching you, toss some yummy snacks into his cage, and say ‘Go home.’ Just keep repeating this until your pint-sized pal goes into his cage on command.

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