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Pawesome Decorating Tips For Dog Owners

October 1, 2023

Fido has definitely earned the unofficial nickname of Man’s Best Friend. Our canine companions are loving, loyal, fun, and protective, and have a special way of forging really strong bonds with their humans. One of the few downsides of having a pooch? They can make messy roommates. Read on as a local Fort Myers, FL vet offers some decorating tips for dog owners.

Choose Tough Flooring

If you’re building or redorating, you may want to opt for floors instead of carpets: it will be much easier to pick up messes. Even the most well-trained pooches have accidents sometimes. If you’re moving into or already living in a place that has mostly carpets, get area rugs you can shampoo. They’ll protect your actual carpet, and can be replaced whenever they get worn out or just want a new look.

Opt For Washable Slipcovers

For pet owners, the battle against pet fur is unending. Make things easier on yourself by getting some washable slipcovers for your furniture.

Create Pet Stations

Rather than having Fido’s things scattered everywhere, dedicate a special spot for them. A standalone cabinet is a great spot for storing leashes, medicine, and other necessities.

Use Attractive Storage Bins

It’s important for your furry friend to have lots of toys to play with. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live with floors that are strewn with doggy playthings. Get a nice storage bin, trunk, or wicker basket to use as Fido’s toybox.

Get Pet-Friendly Plants

Some dogs show little or no interest in eating houseplants. Others are determined to chomp down every leaf and stem. Play it safe, and stick with things that you know are safe for your canine companion. You can find a full list online at the ASPCA website here.

Don’t Skip The Doormat

Dogs fill our lives and hearts with love. They also fill our homes with pawprints. Get a thick, durable mat to keep outside the door. This will help get your furry friend’s clean before you bring him in.

Use Storage Compartments

There are now quite a few simple options for hidden storage compartments, including pieces made for outdoors, like fake rocks and plant containers with hidden spots. Get a few of these, and use them to stash waste baggies.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your local Fort Myers, FL pet hospital, we’re always here to help.

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