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Purrfect Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

October 15, 2023

October is Black Cat Awareness Month! While all of our feline friends deserve love and attention, black cats could definitely use the extra PR. Fluffy is still dealing with the ramifications of old rumors and myths associating her with witchcraft, and she’s been unfairly accused of being bad luck. If you’re considering adopting a new feline pal, why not get a void kitty? A local Fort Myers, FL vet lists some reasons to adopt a black cat in this article.

They Match Everything

Black never goes out of style … and nor do black cats! Fluffy will look adorable with any outfit or decorative scheme. 

Shiny Fur

Fluffy isn’t technically any cleaner than other cats: all of our feline pals tend to be pretty good about taking care of their coats. However, black cats often have very pretty, shiny fur that gleams in the sun.

Fun Names

There’s almost no end to the adorable names you can choose for your little buddy. You can opt for something classic, like Midnight or Licorice. Or, have fun with silly ones, like Salem, Sabrina, or even Snowball.

Cute Photos

While all kitties are pretty photogenic, black cats can be extra fun to take pictures of. We never stop chuckling at those charming ‘void kitty’ pictures, where you can only see Fluffy’s eyes. Black cats also look great against autumn trappings and colors.

They Need The Love

Sadly, black cats often struggle to get adopted. They take, on average, about 24 percent longer than other cats to find loving homes, and also have higher euthanasia rates. While nobody can help every black cat out there, you may be able to give one a loving home. That will change Fluffy’s life—and yours—for the better!

Purrs And Love

Black cats are just as sweet, fun, and lovable as any other cat. They charm us with their purrs, cuddles, and playful antics, and express their love and affection in some super cute ways. What’s not to love?


If you already have a black cat, you’ll need to take some extra precautions with Fluffy over the next few weeks. Halloween is dangerous for void kitties! In fact, some shelters won’t adopt black cats out until after the holiday is over. Err on the side of caution, and keep your furball safe and sound inside.

Do you have questions or concersn about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Fort Myers, FL pet hospital, today!

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