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Pet Fire Safety

July 15, 2023

Today, July 15th, is Pet Fire Safety Day. Fires are one of the most dangerous and terrifying emergency situations you can find yourself in. They can happen at any time, and often start unexpectedly, like the crockpot catching fire on This Is Us. However, for people with pets, there are some specific risks and considerations to keep in mind. An Edison Park, FL vet goes over a few of them in this article.


As the saying says, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. Keep pets well away from anything that could present a possible fire hazard. Candles are at the top of that list. The safest option here would be the battery-operated ones. If you want to use real ones, keep them in thick jars, and burn them on sturdy surfaces that are well out of your pet’s reach. If your furry pal has a chewing habit, make sure they can’t get to any electrical wires. We’d also recommend keeping your fuzzy friends away from things like space heaters, fireplaces, grills, and, of course, stoves. Finally, consider getting a monitored alarm system. This is a great safety precaution!


Planning is a big part of fire safety. Your entire household should have a solid emergency plan. That entails things like making sure that exits aren’t blocked off, and also setting up meeting places and plans. Include your pet in these plans! You may also want to get some fire safety window stickers. Include your furry buddies when filling these out. Also, make sure that your animal companion is microchipped and wearing proper ID tags. Keep your information up to date in the microchip manufacturer’s database. That way, if your pet gets out but runs off, the odds of them being returned to you are much greater.

In Case Of Fire

If a fire breaks out, your priority is to get yourself—and everyone else—out of the house immediately. You can look for your pet, but don’t delay your own escape. That would be extremely dangerous. If you can’t get your furry friend out, try to grab a leash on the way out, and leave the door open. You can try calling your animal friend, but don’t go back in: leave rescues to firefighters.

Our Advice on Pet Fire Safety in 2024

How can pet owners prevent fires in their homes?

Pet owners can prevent fires by minimizing hazards such as unattended candles, electrical cords, and space heaters. Opting for battery-operated candles and keeping pets away from electrical wires reduces risks. Storing flammable items securely and supervising pets near fireplaces and stoves are also crucial. Installing monitored alarm systems adds an extra layer of safety. Regularly checking smoke detectors and having fire extinguishers are essential preventive measures. Educating family members about fire safety and including pets in emergency plans ensures everyone’s well-being during a fire.

What specific fire hazards should pet owners be mindful of?

Pet owners should be mindful of fire hazards such as unattended candles, electrical cords, and space heaters. Open flames pose a risk, especially if pets have access to them. Pets can chew on electrical cords, leading to electrical fires. Space heaters should be used cautiously, ensuring they are placed securely and away from pets. Additionally, when pets are around, items like stove burners, fireplaces, and grills should be monitored. Awareness of these potential hazards and preventive measures can help reduce the risk of fires in homes with pets.

How can pet owners include their pets in their emergency fire plans?

Pet owners can include their pets in their emergency fire plans by ensuring that exits are accessible and unblocked for humans and pets. They should designate specific meeting places outside the home where everyone can gather, including pets. Additionally, pet owners should prepare emergency kits for their pets containing essentials like food, water, medications, and carriers. Having identification tags and microchips for pets is crucial, enabling easier reunification if they become separated during a fire emergency. Practicing evacuation drills with pets can help ensure everyone knows what to do during a fire.

What preparations should pet owners make in case of a fire emergency?

Pet owners should make several preparations in case of a fire emergency. These include creating a solid emergency plan that includes pets, ensuring exits are clear and unblocked, setting up designated meeting places for both humans and pets outside the home, having emergency kits prepared for pets with essential supplies, such as food, water, medications, and carriers, ensuring pets have proper identification tags and microchips, and practicing evacuation drills regularly with pets to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire. These preparations can help keep pets safe during a fire emergency.

What should pet owners do if a fire breaks out in their home?

If a fire breaks out in their home, pet owners should prioritize their safety and that of their family members. They should immediately evacuate the premises, close doors behind them if possible, and alert firefighters to pets’ presence. If it can be done safely and without delaying escape, owners can attempt to locate and leash their pets, but they should never re-enter a burning building. Once outside, they should wait for firefighters to arrive and provide information about their pets’ whereabouts to aid rescue efforts.

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