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Watch Out for Thanksgiving Pet Hazards

November 15, 2020

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. This holiday is a lot fun, filled with friends, family, and food—but it also presents a few common hazards for our pets. Here, your Fort Myers, FL vet tells you what to keep an eye on this Thanksgiving so that your animal friends stay safe.

Thanksgiving foods

Plenty of common Thanksgiving foods aren’t good for pets. While a bit of cooked white turkey meat is fine for your four-legged friend, avoid giving them fatty dark meat or other fatty foods like gravy or butter. And remember that other foods common around this holiday—onions, garlic, chives, grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, salt—can also harm your pet!

Turkey bones

Don’t give your pet a turkey bone this Thanksgiving, tempting as it may be. Whether a bone is cooked or raw, it can splinter apart when a pet chews on it. This can create sharp shards that could cut a pet’s mouth, or lacerate the stomach lining when swallowed. It’s just not worth the risk! Give your pet a chew toy instead to satisfy their cravings.

The garbage bag

Your holiday garbage bag contains a lot of things that pets shouldn’t have, especially after the big meal. Bones, toxic foods, fat-covered aluminum foil, coffee grounds, twine… the list goes on and on. If your garbage bag is sitting out where a pet could get to it, they might decide to chow down on something harmful. Contain your garbage bag in a trash can or put it out in another room like a garage, where pets can’t get to it.

Alcoholic beverages

Will your holiday celebrations include alcoholic beverages? It’s important to remember that alcohol, even in small amounts, can do serious damage to a pet. Alcohol actually affects pets in the same way that it affects us, but because of their small size and low tolerance, alcohol poisoning can occur much faster. Keep a close eye on all drinks, and never give your pet alcohol of any kind on purpose.

Stress and anxiety

Are there a lot of people flowing in and out of your home this holiday? If you’re hosting on the big day, it can prove quite stressful for your animal companion. Make sure they have a quiet spot to retreat to, complete with a soft bed and a favorite toy.

Call your Fort Myers, FL animal hospital for more Thanksgiving safety tips.

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