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The Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

December 1, 2015

Have you ever considered scheduling a house call for your next veterinary appointment? House calls were not uncommon in the past, and have been making a bit of a comeback: they’re becoming increasingly popular, both for humans and pets. There are some very significant benefits to having your vet visit your beloved pet at home. In this article, vet in Edison Park and surrounding areas lists some reasons to consider having your veterinarian do a house call.


Life can get pretty hectic these days, with many people juggling jobs, child care, hobbies, chores, and other things. Having your vet do a house call can definitely save you precious time, as you won’t have to drive to the office, or wait in the lobby. This can be very beneficial to many people, including those that work at home, people with mobility issues, and, of course, anyone with hectic schedules and/or young children.


Our four-legged friends learn a lot about the world from scents. In veterinary hospitals, the smells of many other animals, including quite a few that are sick or scared, can set even the calmest pets on edge. While calming techniques and products can certainly help, our furry pals are almost always much more comfortable at home, where they are surrounded by familiar scents and sounds. This can really help keep pets calm, and stop them from getting agitated or scared during appointments.

Avoid The Car Ride

While some furballs love car rides, many other pets absolutely hate them. Being jolted by bumps, stops, and starts they can’t predict can be quite nerve-wracking for some of our four-legged pals. For animals that have painful medical conditions, the trip to the vet can be particularly challenging. This is especially the case for pets that are very old or very young, or have nausea, pain, or mobility issues. For instance, getting a large dog with hip problems into the car and to the veterinary clinic can be quite a task!

Other Benefits

Often, being in a home setting can really facilitate good, helpful conversations between veterinarians and clients. It’s also worth noting that observing a pet’s home care and environment can allow vets to make helpful recommendations.

Our Advice on The Benefits of Veterinary House Calls in 2024

What are the advantages of scheduling a veterinary house call?

Scheduling a veterinary house call offers significant benefits, including unparalleled convenience for pet owners juggling busy schedules. It eliminates the need for transportation, reducing stress for pets and their owners by avoiding the anxiety associated with car rides and unfamiliar clinic environments. Pets receive care in the comfort and security of their home, surrounded by familiar sights and smells, which can lead to a more relaxed and accurate health assessment. Moreover, house calls enable veterinarians to witness pets in their settings, offering insights that contribute to customized care and guidance.

In what ways do pets benefit from receiving veterinary care at home?

They are receiving veterinary care at home, which benefits pets by significantly reducing their stress and anxiety. The familiar home environment, with its recognizable scents and surroundings, helps pets stay calm and comfortable, avoiding the fear often associated with the clinical setting of a veterinary office. Home care also spares pets the discomfort of car rides, which can be particularly distressing for those with motion sickness or anxiety. Furthermore, home visits minimize physical strain for pets with mobility issues or chronic conditions, making necessary medical care more accessible and less disruptive to their well-being.

Why are veterinary house calls particularly beneficial for pets with mobility issues or medical conditions?

House calls from veterinarians are especially advantageous for pets with mobility challenges or health conditions, as they remove the stress and potential discomfort associated with traveling to a clinic. For animals suffering from conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia or those recovering from surgery, the comfort of receiving care in their own home can significantly reduce anxiety and discomfort. It also allows for a more accurate assessment of the pet’s condition in its natural environment. Additionally, house calls prevent exposure to other sick animals, reducing the risk of contracting infections or experiencing stress-induced complications.

What makes veterinary house calls a convenient option for busy pet owners?

Veterinary house calls offer busy pet owners the ultimate convenience of bringing veterinary care directly to their homes. This eliminates the time and hassle of traveling to and from the clinic, navigating traffic, and waiting for appointments. For those balancing work, family, and other responsibilities, house calls fit seamlessly into their schedules, providing a stress-free way to ensure their pets receive necessary medical attention. Furthermore, house calls provide tailored care in the comfort of one’s own home, minimizing interruptions to daily life for both pets and their owners while still prioritizing the pet’s health.

How do house calls enhance the communication between veterinarians and pet owners?

House calls enhance communication between veterinarians and pet owners by fostering a more personal and relaxed atmosphere. Conversations can unfold more naturally in the comfort of the owner’s home, allowing veterinarians to gain deeper insights into the pet’s behavior, lifestyle, and environment. This setting encourages owners to ask questions and express concerns more freely, providing a comprehensive understanding of the pet’s health needs. Additionally, observing the pet in its familiar surroundings provides valuable context that can inform recommendations and treatments, resulting in tailored care that addresses the unique aspects of each pet’s life.

Do you want to set up a house call? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your vet clinic in Edison Park, FL and surrounding areas, we are here to help.

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