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Walk Your Dog Week

October 1, 2021

The first week of October is a pretty popular one for Fido: it’s Walk Your Dog Week. Does your pooch get super excited when you pick up his leash? Chances are, he probably does. Those daily walks are very important for your furry bff! A Fort Myers, FL vet discusses walking Fido below.


It only takes a split second for accidents to happen. Fido could bolt and pull the leash out of your hand if something startles or scares him. Make sure your furry pal is microchipped and wearing ID tags, just in case.

Paw Care

Fido’s paw pads are very delicate. He can get painful burns from walking on hot surfaces. It shouldn’t be too bad in October, but when it is hot, keep your canine buddy on soft ground as much as you can.


Choose a sturdy leash, one that won’t snap. Many pooches seem to prefer harnesses to collars. They do seem more comfortable. However, even if Fido has a harness, he’ll still need a collar for his tags.


The benefits of walking your furry friend go far beyond sanitation. Not only are those daily strolls great exercise for your canine pal, they also offer him mental stimulation. Fido can learn quite a bit just by sniffing a patch of grass! He can tell who’s been to a spot, and when. He can also gather information about visitors’ age, sex, and health!


Proper training is very important as well. Fido should know and obey basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come. He also shouldn’t lunge, or try to haul you behind him if he sees a squirrel. (Tip: if he does this, immediately change direction. This will get a bit tiresome, but it should help break that habit.)


Never underestimate your pup’s ability to get into trouble. Taking a few basic safety precautions can greatly reduce the odds of a mishap. Keep night walks short and sweet, and keep your four-legged buddy on a short leash in dangerous areas. If you are walking on the side of a road, go towards oncoming traffic, and keep Fido to the outside. Don’t let your canine friend get in front of you, especially when going through intersections or crossing over driveways.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Fort Myers, FL animal hospital, today!

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